Pilates Instructors


our instructors are part of our studio family.

meg stokes

owner & instructor

meg stokes has been teaching hatha yoga since 2000 and pilates since 2001. she began taking hatha yoga classes with her mother at the age of fourteen from instructor cathy woods. she loved it and for the next three years was an avid student of yoga. by the age of eighteen she taught her teachers in high school in the library at her high school for her senior project.


meg graduated high school and attended brenau university to dance classical ballet. “i began dancing classical ballet when i was a little girl. i love movement and the connection between the mind and the body.” while dancing at brenau, meg took her first pilates class taught by one of her dance professors. “i fell in love with pilates, it felt so natural.” months later, meg traveled to atlanta and there was trained by a sports medicine association. continuing on this path of movement, meg has traveled to pittsburgh to train in pre/post-natal yoga and many conferences for pilates and yoga. along with her passion for movement, meg decided to pursue a masters degree in business and entrepreneurship and graduated in may 2008 with honors. meg continues to deepen her knowledge of pilates and the anatomy of movement by attending workshops and teacher trainings year round.

“Pilates has changed my life and not only do I see the pain with my students decrease, but they also find a confidence and grace that is beautiful.”

meg believes teaching enables her to create a space where her students can find more awareness and a deeper connection to their own body, which is necessary to create strength and grace within the body. “my students can use what they learn from pilates and incorporate the principles into their daily tasks, whether it is cleaning dishes or sitting at desk, their posture and breathing patterns can enhance their moment to moment existence. to be aware of your breath and body is the essence of being alive.”

meg loves her two beautiful children, pearl is five and abbott is three. pearl and abbott love playing on the aerial hammocks and all the fun pilates toys in our studio! she loves running her pilates studio in asheville, nc and is thankful for her wonderful clients and pilates instructor family!

nicole kintz

rya- 500 certified yoga/pilates instructor

nicole’s strengths as a teacher are her insights into injuries and physical obstacles, offering safe and effective teaching that helps students to overcome their limitations and find freedom from chronic pain.

about three years ago, at the urging of a friend and colleague, megan stokes, nicole was encouraged to try pilates.  from the first moment she was first introduces she was hooked.  pilates felt like the missing piece to the puzzle. i started to feel stronger, more connected to my core and developed a greater understanding of movement principles and basic bio-mechanics.

 in the summer of 2013, nicole decided to pursue her pilates certification.  she opted to pursue her certification through the balanced body certification program offered at the body awareness studio in atlanta, gA.  she has completed her basic certification requirement (mat 1 and 2, reformer 1,2,3 and anatomy.) she intends to complete trapeze and barrel requirements as well.

our mission:

precision pilates inspires all fitness levels to find greater balance, connection and vigor in mind and spirit through movement.  we believe that by teaching and practicing pilates we are empowered and empower others to be healthier, calmer, more energized and positive. we work to improve your longterm health through the practice of mindful movement to integrate the whole person. Precision Pilates is a platform to guide lifestyle and expand the commitment to ourselves of strengthening both body and mind with purpose.