Our Team


our instructors are part of our studio family.

ann mercier

owner and instructor

Ann Mercier is realizing a lifelong dream by being able to come into the position of owner, manager and instructor.

she says ” for most of my 60+ years of life, i’ve always wanted to make my life’s work about making people feel good. no, not just good… even better. a critical way to do that is through a balanced approach to health and wellness through movement, nutrition and care of our inner selves. i’m seeing firsthand how Pilates can help heal and improve the body from certain medical conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, scoliosis, herniation, osteoporosis, and others. i am so pleased to be able collaborate with many talented and caring people to make this studio the place to find all this and more.”


Ann grew up in pennsylvania.  through a career in the watch industry, she lived in connecticut, the philippines, hong kong and most recently new york. the journey toward being in a helping, healing profession started with  life coach certification in 2013 through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).  ann wanted to focus on health, nutrition and wellness so earned a certification as a personal trainer in 2014 through the International Sports Science Association. along with this certification, she specialized in fitness nutrition and senior fitness. as a long-time lover of yoga, ann also holds a 200-hour yoga teacher certification. with a realization that there is a 360-degree, holistic approach to wellness, ann recently completed a 2-year program through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. she was ordained on 2019 as an inter-faith / inter-spiritual minister.

meg stokes

master instructor

Meg Stokes has been teaching hatha yoga since 2000 and pilates since 2001. she began taking hatha yoga classes with her mother at the age of fourteen from instructor cathy woods. she loved it and for the next three years was an avid student of yoga. by the age of eighteen she taught her teachers in high school in the library at her high school for her senior project.

Meg graduated high school and attended Brenau University to dance classical ballet. “i began dancing classical ballet when i was a little girl. i love movement and the connection between the mind and the body.” while dancing at Brenau, meg took her first pilates class taught by one of her dance professors. “i fell in love with pilates, it felt so natural.” months later, meg traveled to atlanta and there was trained by a sports medicine association. continuing on this path of movement, meg has traveled to pittsburgh to train in pre/post-natal yoga and many conferences for pilates and yoga. along with her passion for movement, meg decided to pursue a masters degree in business and entrepreneurship and graduated in may 2008 with honors. meg continues to deepen her knowledge of pilates and the anatomy of movement by attending workshops and teacher trainings year round.

“Pilates has changed my life and not only do I see the pain with my students decrease, but they also find a confidence and grace that is beautiful.”

Meg believes teaching enables her to create a space where her students can find more awareness and a deeper connection to their own body, which is necessary to create strength and grace within the body. “my students can use what they learn from pilates and incorporate the principles into their daily tasks, whether it is cleaning dishes or sitting at desk, their posture and breathing patterns can enhance their moment to moment existence. to be aware of your breath and body is the essence of being alive.”

Meg loves her two beautiful children, Pearl and Abbott who love playing on the aerial hammocks and all the fun pilates toys in our studio! she is thankful for her wonderful clients and pilates instructor family! M.E.,M.B.A.,PEI-TT

erica engel


Erica has been with us since the early days and has been teaching at Precision Pilates for two years as those of you who enjoy her classes know.

she came to pilates through an initial duet session shortly after meg founded Precision Pilates.  she especially loves teaching reformer and aerial classes.

she has completed her 450 hour training at precision pilates and has taught mat, reformer and aerial.  she has also studied yoga for kids.

Erica is originally from new orleans. she is a graduate of UNC Asheville, Elementary Education as well holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. Erica has been a  teacher for 15 years, currently teaching first grade.  she is mom to baby Edie, who we all love to see when she is Erica’s adorable assistant and side-kick.

beth salman


Beth Salman discovered Pilates in the mid 1990s. Having moved back to Chicago after college in Montana, she walked past a newly opened Pilates studio on her way to work one morning and picked up a schedule. Immediately hooked after her first session, she was fortunate to train with some of the best instructors in the city. An enthusiastic and curious mover, Beth has danced, hiked, biked and cartwheeled her way through life and appreciates how Pilates has supported and empowered those activities including her day to day movement. She looks forward to starring in a viral 3D hologram doing teasers as a 90 year old.

Beth is a comprehensively accredited BASI Pilates instructor. She continues to deepen her experience with ongoing education including Karen Clippinger’s Walking Biomechanics workshop and an in-depth jumpboard technique training that provided new repertoire and vocabulary for teaching.

mikum leah webster


Mikum Leah Webster is a Dance Scientist and Pilates Therapist who recently relocated to Asheville from Honolulu, HI. in her ten years of teaching Mikum has worked in boutique Pilates studios and internationally recognized Sports Medicine Clinics as a Pilates and Redcord Therapist.

her career as a movement practitioner began while pursuing a professional dance career. after years of being riddled with injuries she became fascinated with anatomy, physiology, and helping others that were plagued with similar problems. this led her to receive a Masters of Science in Dance Science from Tinity Laban in London, UK; a comprehensive Power Pilates certification in Atlanta, GA; and a Sling Exercise Therapy (Redcord) Certification through the Neurac institute in Oslo, Norway.

with her extensive clinical Pilates experience she is accustomed to working in private sessions one-on-one with clients of all abilities and individual needs, but specializes in back pain, pre- and post-natal Pilates, and lower limb injuries. in her free time, she teaches dance, lectures at WCU, and enjoys the outdoors with her husband and baby.

linda shanock


Linda Shanock is nationally board certified reflexologist who has been actively practicing foot and hand reflexology since completing a 200-hour reflexology training course in 2015 under the supervision of Tacy Apostolik. Linda launched her reflexology practice (Sol Healing) in 2015 and sees clients in her home (or theirs!) and at various locations including here at Precision Pilates + Yoga. Linda also has 15 years of teaching experience as an organizational psychology professor with a focus on employee well-being. she also teaches workshops on foot care, couples’ or individuals’ foot relaxation and reflexology for self-care, use of essential oils, and more.

her reflexology clients have reported experiencing reduced back, neck, foot, and elbow pain, reduced symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, reduced pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, reduced symptoms of allergies, reduced stress, enhanced energy, better sleep, and more following reflexology sessions.

Book an appointment by emailing her at shanock@gmail.com or text or call her at 518-817-3691

loretta zedella

guest instructor

Loretta Zedella has been teaching movement and yoga for over 17 years. she is committed to helping people live pain free and move freely in their bodies. she specializes in the  Yoga Tune Up® and Tune Up Fitness mobility enhancing therapy ball system which is a safe, effective sequence with pain relief methods that result in (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling better, stronger, happier, and more relaxed. Loretta is a certified Yoga Tune Up  teacher guiding mobility and yoga in workplaces, universities, and anywhere movement and tension erasing are desired.

lisa varno

guest instructor

lisa grew up in the catskill mountains of new york, which nurtured the creative and contemplative parts of herself from an early age.

lisa introduces herself and her classes – “i used to be an overcommitted, stressed-out public-school music teacher who became a devoted yoga and mindfulness instructor; and it all started with a groupon deal. while i was busy training for half marathons, working a full-time job, teaching private music lessons on the side, and actively volunteering for my community, i rarely set aside time for myself. a great groupon deal landed in my lap one summer over a decade ago, and i ended up practicing yoga daily. the athlete in me was initially eager to explore the challenge within each pose, yet over time i discovered the profound ways in which yoga allowed for a deeper mind-body connection. i was captivated by the powerful ways in which it woke me up and brought me back “home.” i began to share this love of yoga with my colleagues and students, and within a few years transitioned to teaching yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction full time.

i hold six years of experience leading yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops in various settings, as well as extensive training from the Center for Mindfulness at UMASS Medical School and Om My Yoga Academy. i have graduated from the Duke Integrative Medicine program and am now a certified health coach.
i strongly value community, and am excited to co-create a welcoming and non-competitive environment with you as we explore purposeful movement with kind awareness. when you join me in class, i will meet you where you are with kindness, compassion, and non-judgment. it is my greatest hope that, over time, we can all do the same for ourselves with practice. let me help guide you through this brave, adventurous practice of reconnecting with yourself on the mat.”