Precision Pilates + Yoga Membership

Precision Pilates + Yoga Membership

Why invest in a Precision Pilates + Yoga annual membership? 

Membership is the most convenient and cost- effective way to join the Precision Pilates + Yoga community!

Membership packages now apply to all sessions and classes.

Membership is an investment in yourself that ensures your space in small classes that allow for individual attention.


Benefits of annual membership

  • You have the lowest cost benefit of a package rate without the total up-front cost; payments are spread out monthly.
  • You will be reserved in your set class and time.
  • You will receive special membership discounts to enroll in workshops or special events.
  • You receive 2 free mat classes a year for you, a friend or family members – used any way you want! Request by email.
  • Your yearly class membership will reserve you for the first 4 classes a month and for those months that have a 5th class, that class is offered as a complementary bonus.


Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Membership fees will be automatically charged to your credit card or bank account; the payment date will be adjusted in the event of studio session cancellations.
  • Semi-private equipment, aerial and mat / yoga memberships payments automatically renew monthly and expire 1 month thereafter.
  • Private Session membership payments renews every 10 weeks and expires 10 weeks thereafter.
  • Cancellation of Group Reformer, Aerial, Mat and Yoga Classes – with 24 hours’ notice, your group class will not be charged.
  • Cancellation of Private Sessions with Master Instructor – with 72 hours’ notice, we have the opportunity to fill your private session and you will not be charged.
  • Cancellation of Private Sessions with other Instructors – with 48 hours’ notice, we have the opportunity to fill your private session and you will not be charged.
  • Membership Pause – with 30 days’ notice, we can pause your private session membership for one or several weeks. You will be re-scheduled and you will not be charged. To pause: email to
  • Membership Cancel – with 30 days’ notice, you can cancel your membership and no further charges will take place. To cancel: email to Please note, if you cancel a membership, you may lose your existing rate and time slot.
  • To update or change your billing method, please update your online account.
  • If your monthly auto-payment fails for any reason, your membership may be cancelled and/or you may be assessed a fee.
  • Memberships may not be shared.

pause your membership

if you’re out of town for a long period of time or need to take some time off, we can help! precision pilates +yoga members may pause their membership once in a calendar year for up to 2 months. there must be at least a 1 month written notice in advance via form below or email to

please fill out the membership pause request form below.

Membership Pause Request Contact Form

First & Last Name (required)

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Start Date

First Day of Membership Pause

End Date

Last Day of Membership Pause

*I understand that my billing date will shift forward in time by the length of the pause. I also understand that pausing my membership does not count as 30 days notice to cancel.
I agree